Solar Panels

You might be considering a home renovation project for a number of reasons. Perhaps, you want to sell it? Or you’re interested in just changing the outlook of your home? Yet, you might just want to save cost on certain things. At Elite Home Remodeling Group, we have what it takes to provide you with solar installation services that achieve all your heart desire.

Elite Remodeling Group can help you actualize your energy-efficiency dreams. We just want you to have everything set up properly to avoid any form of issues in the future. Before we take up a solar installation project, we consider the following factors.

Can Your Roof Support the Solar Panel?

We have to assess the irradiation of the roof. How much solar energy does it receive? This is a very important factor to assess, especially when you want to calculate the ROI. There’s no point installing a solar panel when there’s no sun to power it.
Are You Leasing or Buying the Solar Panels?

If you buy the components, it means that you own it for life and then you can even connect it to the grid and sell electricity, using the profits to offset the exorbitant installation cost. The process of selling back electricity to the grid is known as inet metering. This, as well as the rebates, tax breaks, and subsidies you get, are incentives for getting sustainable home renovation services.

How Can You Augment Your Solar Installation?
This is, perhaps, the final piece of the jigsaw. You’re required to make other provisions available so that the effect of the solar installation is pronounced. For example, you can install energy efficient lights, windows, and doors to go with it.

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