Should You Convert Your Garage into a Living Space?

Garage remodels vary widely in their complexity and can include anything from building out complete living quarters to simply adding insulation and climate control for an upgraded space. The first step in planning your garage conversion is deciding upon the room’s purpose.

Here are some important things to consider:


The average cost of converting a garage depends largely upon what type of space you have planned. Do you need an entire guest suite or are you planning on building a home office? It is important to consider your budget and to prioritize essential improvements such as insulation, window installation, and permit costs. Once you are clear on your vision for the space, it is crucial to clearly communicate that vision to your contractor.

Converting your garage into a fully equipped living unit is probably the costliest of all the garage conversion projects. Not only will you need to implement all the upgrades needed to convert the space into a living room, but you’ll also need to add a separate bath and kitchen, requiring a gas line or a 220 outlet for a stove. Additionally, you will need to create a private entrance for the space.


The average size of a single garage is about 12 by 20 feet. A double garage will cost more to convert. Your contractor should have an in-depth understanding of the permit process. For reference, the average cost of obtaining a building permit from $1,000 to $1,500. Obtaining permits can also take a significant amount of time, so it’s important to plan ahead.


The cost of materials will vary greatly depending on your personal preferences. With most materials, you can know what to expect as a minimum or average cost. For example, insulation typically costs at least $1.00 per square foot. Interior walls cost an average of $1,700 each. If your garage doesn’t have any windows, you should add one large enough to serve as an emergency exit. This is especially important if you want to list it as a bedroom or rent it out. You can expect costs to start around $1,000 per window.

Adding heating and air conditioning is another cost to consider.

Most garages have electricity of some sort, including a few outlets. However, if you’re planning on converting your garage into a living space, you will need electricity. As a result, you’ll also need a licensed electrician to add wiring and outlets to support electrical devices.

Planning on converting your garage into a living space? We’ll be happy to walk you through the process.