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Room Additions

When you begin to feel cramped in a place that once appeared spacious, something is amiss. Sometimes, the home doesn’t even need to look smaller; but it may not be able to accommodate a new addition to your family. If you’re considering a room addition, we can help you maximize your budget and available space.

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Room Additions

Let's start the journey

There’s a common misconception that adding a room to a house is just as expensive as buying a new property. The truth is, room additions can be designed to accommodate nearly every budget. 


The merits of building outward

Building outward is one of the most common ways to add a new room to your existing structure. Furthermore, building outward typically offers the best ROI. At Elite Remodeling Group, cost-effectiveness is a must, and we would be happy to help you plan your addition.

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Adding layers to your home

Multi-story buildings are beautiful, right? They also give you that extra space you need! If you don’t have enough room on your property to build outward, we can also help you build up! Second, third, and even fourth story room additions also increase the value of your home and provide a significant return on investment.


Turning two rooms into one

Did you know that pulling down the walls of a room in your house can be a great technique to create extra space? At Elite Remodeling Group, our experts will draft designs that provide the extra space you need and factor in the strength and durability of the wall.

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New uses for your basement

If you have a basement in your home, it may be worth converting the space. Basements are slowly fading out of style, and conversions increase the value of your home. Lastly, conversions can accommodate nearly every project timeline and budget!