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Flooring is a crucial aspect of your remodel and the experts at Elite Remodeling Group will work with you to ensure that your flooring meets your aesthetic goals and offers the functionality of that you want.

A man installing kitchen floor


Let's start the journey

We understand that you have many flooring options to choose from. You’ll need to select the designs, patterns, structure, and even texture! Our construction experts will help you find flooring materials that beautifully complement your overall design. 


Durable and diverse

Durable materials like stone, ceramic, and glass can be used to make tiles. In fact, with the aid of advanced technology, you can even purchase rubber tiles! Whether you want to glaze or paint your flooring materials, we have the skill and expertise you need to complete the project.

View of the sofas in the living area

Start your project

Our team of experts are prepared to deliver an unforgettable remodeling experience. At Elite Remodeling Group – we’re committed to you and committed to quality. 

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Classic and elegant

Hardwood floors are beautiful, and they come in a variety of thicknesses. Some hardwood materials, such as those made from timber, come thick while others are made of thinner materials to give that sleek, ultramodern look.


Resilient and low-maintenance

Do you need a floor that is extremely easy to maintain? Are you tired of the constant resurfacing? Would you like to install flooring that can last for years? Laminate floors could be the solution! When you contact us, we would be happy to discuss how laminate floors can fit into your design.

View of the kitchen and dining area on display
Granite floor with dotted design on display


Antediluvian and unique

Although terrazzo may be seen as outdated, the material is making a major comeback. Terrazzo is made with granite/marble furnishing and creates an antediluvian look that helps your floor stand out. After we install the flooring, you can polish the terrazzo at any time, just to give it that extra sparkle.