Best Bathroom Upgrades for Your Remodel

Here’s a list of some of the latest and greatest bathroom remodeling additions. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Floating vanities

A floating vanity updates any bathroom, making the room feel airy by adding open space between the bottom of the vanity and the floor. A floating vanity can be as simple as a solid plank of wood with a vessel sink or can be outfitted with double sinks and drawers for storage.

Beautiful tile accents

Taking tile beyond the floor is a great way to upgrade your bathroom. Installing a backsplash of glass mosaic tile above your vanity can add impactful visual interest to your bathroom. You can even consider tiling an entire accent wall!

Radiant heat flooring

Especially when you’re dealing with a cold flooring material such as ceramic tile or stone, radiant-heat systems are a real luxury, heating the room from the floors up.

Frameless glass showers

A glass shower door lends a luxurious look to any bathroom, but the reason for installing one might not be all about looks. This shower lacks a ledge or lip to step over to enter the shower, making it a great choice for aging family members. Moreover, it helps open the space, making the room seem larger and brighter.

Install a sound system

Keep your favorite music on hand for easy listening while you rejuvenate. Whether you invest in a state-of-the-art sound system or stash a small mp3 player on the shelf, music has a great impact on your mood. If you’re installing a sound system, maximize sound quality by placing two speakers in opposite corners of the room.

Storage solutions

Take a beautiful bathroom to the next level by adding practical and pretty storage. Bathrooms are easily cluttered with cosmetics and grooming products, but smart storage will help you keep everything organized.

Warm fireplace

Put a fireplace in your bathroom to enjoy the sight and warmth of a roaring fire as you relax in the tub. If the bathroom is attached to your bedroom, consider a double-sided fireplace that can be enjoyed in both spaces.

Steam showers

If you truly want a spa experience without leaving home, put in a shower that doubles as a steam shower. To make your shower steam-ready, equip it with a door that seals tightly on all sides. Install a vapor barrier on the ceiling and wall framing to prevent moisture, which causes wood rot, from reaching studs and joists. Include a steam generator outside the shower. A steam-generator supplier will help you determine the best size.

Windows and skylights

Brighten a dark, dull bathroom by adding windows or even a skylight. If you have limited wall space unappealing views, skylights can be a great option. Operable models, called sky windows, offer ventilation as well as light and have frames that match wall windows.